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Dear Members of Asian Society for Men's health & Aging

From early 2020, the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. Following 2020 Webinar ASMHA congress in Kobe, Japan, we are still under Endemic situation in front of 2021 Webinar of ASMHA, Busan Korea. As SG of this Webinar, it's regretful we cannot meet physicallybut the top priority COVID-19 crisis should be the safety of each members.

Now, it's time to decide to go with Covid-19 and we already have been used to do it. The online webinar will be more convenient for the attendance because the organizer will develop various convenient program, and finally, we will learn more for the future developmentof the ASMHA.

For the continuity to live and study, we have to go unfamiliar way with ASMHA, together. 2021 ASMHA webinar is prepared as joint meeting of 2021 Webinar of ASMHA and 2021 Virtual Meeting of KSMHA. The Scientific Committee invited the Memorial Lecture of Prof. Nam Cheol Park, in appreciation of his dedications and congratulation of achievements. In this Webinar, every members of ASMHA and KSMHA are free for registration.Please join our webinar and give us your precious feedback for the future development with Covid-19.

As SG of ASMHA 2021Webinar, I hope everything goes well, and be healthy against COVID-19 until we meet again.

Thank you.



Dear Colleagues and friends,

It is my great pleasure to welcome all of you to the 15th Biennial Meeting of Asian.

Society for the Men's Health and Aging (ASMHA 2021) at the beautiful harbor city, Busan, Korea on Nov. 12-13, 2021.

This congress is jointly organized with the 2021 Annual Meeting of Korean Society for Men's health and Aging, the 160th Meeting of Pusan Andrological Society and the 12th Meeting of Korea Institute for Public Sperm Bank.

The congress motto "Perfect Way in Men's Health for Closing Gender Gap"is a valuable goal to provide various integrated solutions and specialization to overcome shorter longevity in men than women. And this congress is very important in my academic life because it is held in commemoration of my retirement of university professor.Unfortunately ASMHA 2021 was prepared to be scaled back due to global Covid-19 disaster and the limited sponsorship supports. Nevertheless, I believe that we will be able to have a lot of fruitful cutting-edge topics and controversial issues to be presented by the regional speakers through this congress.I deeply appreciate international speakers and experts to submitthe abstracts and lecture videos in spite of the difficult situation.
Busan Commodore Hotel, the venue of ASMHA2021 has been home to countless conferences, events and exhibitions, encompassing the newest and largest state-of the art facilities in Busan, Korea.

I hope that all participants will enjoy the international exchanges and up-to date information of Men's Health and Aging.

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